Photographer Jason Lawrence Olive was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. At the age of 18 he moved to the Hawiian Islands to attend the University Of Hawai’i and it was there that he began studying photography and fell in love with the ocean. His family home is on the coast of Oregon where he has been exploring and shooting for over 15 years. The Devil’s Churn is located not far from his home.

In 2015 Jason coined the phrase 'Tropical Modernist Photography'. With The Kaua'i Collection, Jason's work in developing the asthetics of TROPICAL MODERNISM breaks new ground in the capability of phtography to express through abstract expresionist modes. By focusing his lens on the beauty of tropical locations while infusing his imagery with the compositional and tonal elements of the schools of minimalism, abstract expressionism and fauvism, Olive introduces a fresh, contemporary perspective to nature photography. 

Jason, has been photographing professionally for various publications for over 15 years. His fine art work does not employ digital post manipulation techniques unless it is implicity stated on the image. 

“Hopefully these collections help give nature voice. It's not so much nature but images that acutely interpret the condition of the human soul, through nature, that I am most concerned with.”  - Jason Lawrence Olive



Breaking the barriers of Abstract Expressionist Photography, the photos within the Churn Collection were taken during a 40 year storm that struck the Pacific Northwest Coast. Jason, captured these images over a 3 day period, during the storm's height, at a location called 'The Devil's Churn'. The area got its name from pioneers who frist witnessed that the unique geological formation of the rock comprising 'The Churn' turned giant Northern Pacific waves into pure white foam. Wave heights during the storm exceeded 40 feet. Winds reached over 90 MPH. This event brought together the vital elements that inspired photographer Jason Lawrence Olive to create the collection. Jason, has been photographing in Oregon for over 15 years, capturing its breathtaking beauty with his unique eye and vision. The Churn Collection is part of his ongoing Oregon Coast Series. The Churn Collection represents the evolution of Jason's passion to create fine art from unadulterated/un-photoshopped* natural elements. It has twice been named as one of the world's top 20 Ermerging Works of Photogrpahy by Photo LA. 

The Churn has been forging new ground in the continuing advancement of fine art photography and this would not be possible without the FS team. Prints are museum quality, printed on the finest paper in the world, using advanced 'pigment print' techniques.


A ground-breaking exploration of Tropical Modernist Photography, The Kaua’i Collection is the second photo series released by award winning fine-art photographer Jason Olive. While attending college on a literature scholarship Olive began studying fine-art photography at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa in 1993. The Kaua’i collection marks his return to the islands as one of the country’s top 20 Emerging Photographers, a designation Olive has enjoyed twice in as many years at the prestigious Photo LA Emerging Focus Photo Competition.The collection represents Olive’s poetic extrapolation of the essence of Kaua’i through unmanipulated, natural imagery. 

The Kaua'i Collection Master Prints are printed exclusively by our fine art print team on the finest papers in the world, using advance 'pigment print' techniques.

Paradise 2 from the Kaua’i Collection

Paradise 2 from the Kaua’i Collection