Why are these waves white?: The 'Churn Collection' is part of Jason Lawrence Olive's continuing 'Oregon Coast' series. These images were captured at a geographical landmark, located within the Suislaw National Forreset, named 'The Devil's Churn'.  Jason created his photographic study of 'The Churn' during the epic winter storm of 2008. The storm was reported to be the biggest storm surge to strike the coast in 50 years. A dangerous undertaking, Jason shot the aptly named area for 3 days during record wave heights of over 40 feet.

The basalt lava nature of the Churn's rocks, turns these enourmous waves into pure white froth, reaching over 60 feet high. 'The Churn' has rarely been seen under these conditions. These images, as with all of Jason's collection works,  are not digitally manipulated unless specifically indicated. 

Master Prints: All Master Prints are museum quality, pigment-prints, printed on an excptional paper called Canson Platine. All images are printed by our world-renown print team. Prints are inspected meticulously to ensure color matching and the absence of any imperfections. All of our prints are 100% museum-grade archival.

We always enjoy seeing where our pieces end up.


The Churn Collection is a perfect fit for ocean lovers with a modern sensibility. These limited-edition, collector pieces bring the awesome beauty and energy of one of the largest storms to strike the Pacific Northwest into any space. Thank you to our clients for sending us photos of their installations!


El Segundo, CA. 

Paris, France

Narayana - Heading to Hong Kong

Beverly Hills, CA. 

Skyscraper Lobby - Los Angeles, CA.

Chicago, Illinois

Santa Clarita, CA. 

Houston, Texas

The Elements of Tropical Mosdernism: Bold, vibrant colors and a focus on form define the Kaua'i Collection. Shot on the "Garden Isle" of Kaua'i, this collection marks Jason Lawrence Olive's return to the islands he once called home. 

The Kaua'i collection expresses the essence of the island's mythical stature in Hawaiian history. Known for both its fierce warriors and its native people's cultivation of native flora and fauna, Kaua'i remains one of the most untouched of the island chain. The collection's focus on minimalism, through color blocking, and abstract expersionism, through macro photography, relies on images captured 100% in-camera, with no post manipulation. In this collection a single petal might reference an epic sunrise or new begining. The throat of a flower may conjure the mystery of life-force itself. These kind of use of color and metaphor are the defining elements of a school of photography coined by Jason Lawrence Olive, called Tropical Modernism.

The Kaua'i Collection is printed on an array of fully archival, custom, fine art papers. Each paper is chosen specifically to bring out the full expression of the image.  

We always enjoy seeing where our pieces end up.


The Tropical Modernism of the Kaua'i Collection is a perfect fit for modern spaces that call for color. These limited-edition, collector pieces bring the sumptuous feeling of the tropical beauty of the Hawaiian islands into any space. 


Los Angeles, CA. 

El Segundo, CA. Opening

Heading out to a client from our laminators

Heading to Florida

The JLG Fine Art For Less Series: The JLG Series is an ongoing collection of fine art photographic works, created by Jason Lawrence Olive, to introduce clients to the world of fine art photography at a more widely accesible price point.

The images of the JLG Series are available in a broad range of sizes and printed on quality, Kodak® papers with the same attention to detail as the collection pieces.  

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